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My name is Anne Jones and I aim to bring you everything you need on this website to assist you to heal, be empowered, inspired and to move forward on your path to happiness, love and joy. On the site you will find healing services, distance healing, healing events, latest news and our spiritual shop with products to help you to heal and stay protected.

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A monthly webinar series for Healing the Whole Heart. We will focus on clearing and healing one of the spheres in each session with the intention of opening all the doors of your heart and allowing your light to shine into the various aspects of your life.

There are limited spaces which are allocated on a first come first served basis, so book early to reserve your place!

To reserve your place see the Heart Series Webinar

Power of Intention

The Power of You Intention Group

Help to change the world one intention at a time!

  • Each month we will list a new focus of intention
  • Say aloud – “I intend my words to connect to the group intention”.
  • Repeat the intention of the week aloud for 1 minute, every day

For the latest intention please signup to the Newsletter, see Facebook, Twitter or The Power of You Forum.


The Power of You Community

We are pleased to announce The Power of You community website is now available and offers full access to ALL my workshops, healing events and community forum, all with the aim to help you to empower yourself, to be the very best that you are! for a small monthly membership. We hope to see you there!

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